Throwing a Great Baby Shower

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A baby shower is a wonderful way for friends and family to show their happiness, celebrate the wonderful news and prepare for the baby’s arrival. It used to be that a baby shower was thrown for first time mothers-to-be, but I believe every birth is a reason gather and to celebrate. Luckily, baby shower’s today are proving to be a bit more lenient and it is not uncommon for a family member, such as a sister, to host a baby shower. If the baby shower is not a surprise, be sure to ask the mother-to-be if the daddy-to-be would like to include some of his closest friends to join the celebration. The only drawback for men being a part of the baby shower is that they do not always like to participate in all the activities. Traditionally, a baby shower is intended to help parents get items that they need for their baby, such as baby clothes. It is always a good idea to talk with the mommy-to-be and get her input on the type of shower she would like, if it’s not a surprise.

Planning a baby shower can be easy when you break the event down into simple components. Before any real planning of the shower can begin, you need to decide on a date. Just like any other party, a baby shower requires careful planning to ensure that it will go as smoothly as possible, and be memorable for everyone. Some find that a baby shower in a box is a simple solution for your entire baby shower planning needs.

When it comes to favors and decorations for the surprise baby shower, it is always good to choose a theme. It is common for the host to provide baby-themed games during the shower, so you should decide on the theme of the shower early on so that you could incorporate it into the invitations. However, it is totally up to you to decide whether you want the theme to be formal, casual or something in between. If the parents are planning a nursery for the baby, the shower can revolve around the nursery’s theme, this is the kind that was thrown for my daughter-in-law and she was thrilled to receive all the little things that completed her nursery.

Since the invitations are the first thing guests see and gives them the first impression of what the shower is going to be like take your time and put a little thought in. To insure that everyone has enough time to buy gifts, arrange time off and etc. Invitations should be sent 4-6 weeks prior to the shower. Before any invitations are sent out (or any phone calls or emails made), be sure to run the guest list by the mother-to-be. If you are in a hurry and do not have the time to make the invitations yourself remember that you can order them online and still get them out in plenty of time. If you do have the time however, homemade invitations will provide the guest with a little of the host’s personal touch.

Gifts can range from all shapes, sizes and prices. Be sure to find out if the parents have registered for baby shower gifts, so you can include this information in the invitation. Traditionally, baby showers were held for a new mom and practical gifts as well as handmade ones were given to the expectant mother. Today though, many baby shower gifts will largely depend on the type of baby shower that is taking place. It’s always good to purchase gifts from the baby shower gift registries for two reasons, one you won’t have to stress at all about what to get and two because these are items that the mother has picked out herself and you know they are things she wants or needs. Giving your guests plenty of time to purchase their gifts is another reason invitations should be mailed early.

Games are always very popular at baby showers. It is common for the hostess to provide baby-themed games during the shower. A baby shower is one time that the mommy-to-be will be able to actually sit back, relax and especially enjoy the fun baby shower games, have fun with her family and friends and look forward to the arrival of the little one. For the most part, guys usually are not interested in playing traditional “baby shower” games. If you are including games at your shower, be sure to make them “men friendly. Even if they do not play in all the baby shower games, men do enjoy the opportunity to give their regards to the expectant parents.

A baby shower is a wonderful occasion to welcome a new life into the world and a new member in the family. A baby shower is more than just a party it is meant to be a celebration so make sure your guest are comfortable, having a great time and are happy to be at your party. The baby shower does not have to be over the top, as long as everyone has a good time and memorable things planned for the party. The most important thing that happens during the baby shower is friendship, love, and excitement of a new little one joining the community of friends and family.


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